After School with Meir and Sara

When Daddy and three-year-old Meir come home, Mommy and Sara happily greet them. They all sit down to eat together, and besides enjoying the delicious food, Meir and Sara learn so many things! Why does Sara sit in a high chair and Meir sit on a stool? How are Meir’s and Sara’s cups different from one another? How can one person help another during and after mealtime? Through everyday experiences, children’s cognitive, language, and socialemotional skills are constantly developing. The opportunities for enrichment within the home environment are endless; as parents, it is so important to be aware of them and tap into them whenever we can. After School with Meir and Sara provides parents with a valuable resource for enriching their children’s day-to-day development. With stories and illustrations of familiar scenarios in a child’s life, the Shlavlabim series is the perfect resource for helping children learn essential fundamental concepts.

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